Housing YOU Matters is a broad coalition working together to find solutions for making homes at all price points more economically feasible to develop.

What We Do:

  • Research best practices and policies that will catalyze the building of housing that is more affordable to rent or own.
  • Educate policy makers, development professionals and the community at large about what impacts our ability to create housing that is more affordable and evidence-based changes that can reverse current trends.
  • Research and then educate policy makers, development professionals and the community at large about to how to fund infrastructure that creates the great places for people to live, work and enjoy the San Diego lifestyle.
  • Work with policy makers and the community at large to change policies that create a better balance of housing supply.
  • Conduct workshops and conferences for policy makers, development professionals and the community at large to explore and educate around emerging trends and best practices for creating a better balance of our housing supply.


  • Because it is a FACT that our population is growing —primarily through natural growth—and we have a severe housing shortage. We can either prepare thoughtfully so that all have the opportunity to prosper or our region will become a place for haves and have nots.
  • Because we aspire to a region with a high quality of life which includes:
    • A range of housing prices so fellow San Diegans and our children will be able to afford homes that consume less than one-third of their income and so they can afford to buy their first home
    • A range of job choices from entry-level living wage to opportunities to succeed
    • Healthy air, water, beaches, access to healthy food, and walkable communities
    • Transit oriented communities where housing, shopping, education, and entertainment are walkable, bike able and served by high-quality public transit
    • Plenty of choices for restaurants, shops, food, art, entertainment, parks and open spaces
    • Thriving locally-owned small businesses
    • Efficient use of water and increasing energy from renewable sources
    • Thoughtfully designed communities where community connections and human experience are valued
    • Communities that are mixed income, intergenerational and culturally diverse
    • Intact rural and habitat lands
  • Because the San Diego region, including the northern Baja region in Mexico, is at a pivotal moment where we have the opportunity to build on our progress and become a global success story for the following reasons:
    • For decades San Diego has been cultivating an innovation economy that is focused on research, education, high tech, green tech, bio tech and telecom job growth and development. The San Diego region is one of the top innovation cities in the United States whose economic growth is connected to the future. This economic development strategy has a bright future which will provide higher paying jobs for our educated workforce.
    • Our unique bi-national region has all the characteristics necessary to become a world class center of integrated research and development, manufacturing and procurement. We can harness this unique set of characteristics that provides great jobs from living wage to highly technical that are connected to the future.

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