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Housing YOU Matters is a nonpartisan, broad-based coalition, working together to find solutions for making homes at all price points more economically feasible to develop.


The binational region of San Diego is on a trajectory of becoming a great global metropolitan area in the 21st century. Our high tech industries, top universities, phenomenal cultural and natural amenities bring a high quality of life unmatched by any other region of our size.  To assure that we support our growth using sustainable, prosperous and equitable strategies, housing affordability and increased stock around the region needs to be addressed.


Housing You Matters is a broad based Coalition that convenes, advocates and educates around solutions for increasing housing supply and lowering the cost of building new homes.  We do this by catalyzing leaders to create policy for increasing supply of more affordable homes, educating industry about innovative product types and materials that lower building costs and informing the public at large why we need to do this and the positive impacts it will bring for the viability of our future.

What We Do:

  • Research best practices and policies that will catalyze the building of housing that is more affordable to rent or own.
  • Educate policy makers, development professionals and the community at large about what impacts our ability to create housing that is more affordable and evidence-based changes that can reverse current trends.
  • Research and then educate policy makers, development professionals and the community at large about to how to fund infrastructure that creates the great places for people to live, work and enjoy the San Diego lifestyle.
  • Work with policy makers and the community at large to change policies that create a better balance of housing supply.
  • Conduct workshops and conferences for policy makers, development professionals and the community at large to explore and educate around emerging trends and best practices for creating a better balance of our housing supply.

For More Information

For more information about Housing You Matters, please contact Executive Director Mary Lydon, at 619.252.0295 or Mary@Lydon-Associates.com.

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