El Cajon Boulevard – A Great Laboratory For a Transit Oriented Corridor

Stretching more than five neighborhoods, El Cajon Boulevard is a vital point of connection for Uptown, as well as a crucial community asset. So when The El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association (The Boulevard BIA) held a town hall this month about the El Cajon Boulevard’s future, residents and business owners alike packed the house to offer their input. El Cajon Boulevard 20/20 — also referred to as Blvd. 20/20 — is a “new vision for smart living, working and growing into San Diego’s model transit-oriented community,” according to The Boulevard BIA’s website.

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The Housing Crisis Is Obvious – but the Data Detailing Its Scope Is Not

A city report says just 33 units for middle-income units were built in seven years. The real number is actually four. The error underscores not just the desperate need for homes, but the lack of accurate data on how many of them builders are producing – numbers that could inform and guide policy solutions.

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North County Leaders Use Summit To Explore Ways To Solve Housing Crunch

Suburban cities in San Diego’s North County need to let go of their small-town identities if the region is to meet its housing needs. That’s one of the conclusions of the North County Housing Summit held Thursday. Several hundred North County leaders met at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido to look for ways to address the growing housing affordability problem. Regional planners estimate San Diego County will grow from 3.3 million to 4 million people by 2050, and finding places to build housing for them all will be a challenge. North County will not grow as fast as the county as a whole, Jim Miller of SANDAG said. But the number of houses in North County has to increase by 26 percent in the next three decades to meet the needs of the growing population.

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Housing Prices Could Destroy Thriving Economy

The San Diego region is not keeping up with our needed housing supply, which is starting to erode our thriving innovation economy. Before the great recession, from 1980 to 2010, we were building an average of 15,000 new homes a year. Since then, we are at about 50 percent of that level. To keep up [...]

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Middle-Income Housing Promoted

S.D. offers developers incentives to build more for earners near median By David Garrick SAN DIEGO San Diego officials are proposing the city’s first housing incentive program aimed at middle-income workers such as nurses, teachers and firefighters. The goal is spurring developers to build housing for a group of residents that make too much [...]

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Mayor Calls For More Affordable Housing in San Diego

Mayor Kevin Faulconer held a news conference Wednesday calling for city council to increase housing supply while lowering housing development costs. The Mayor proposed that the city council adopt code changes that would give incentives to developers to build more affordable, smaller units in the San Diego housing market. Mayor Faulconer, speaking from the new North Park Senior Apartments, said these code changes would cut red tape and address the lack of affordable housing for many San Diegans.

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How to Build Momentum on Housing Policies

Housing First is known as a homelessness strategy where permanent, affordable housing is build as quickly as possible to stabilize the situation. We need to expand this strategy beyond homeless communities as the housing affordability situation is also at crisis proportions.

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Economic Summit Awards San Diego Nonprofits

San Diego hosted the sixth annual California Economic Summit in early November 2017. The state’s largest public-and private-sector network convened 500 leaders from across the state to move forward plans and strategies around workforce preparation, housing and community development, infrastructure and working landscapes. The detailed plan is titled Roadmap to Shared Prosperity which focuses on improving the workforce pipeline, increasing the supply of housing and expanding regional water management.

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Housing, Water, Jobs on Economic Summit Agenda

Housing, water, jobs on economic summit agenda. (by Mary Lydon) San Diego will be in the spotlight as we host the sixth annual California Economic Summit. The Summit will feature the leading California 2018 gubernatorial candidates and the state's three higher education leaders, among others to discuss developing a policy agenda to meet the issues of income inequality, economic security and upward mobility.

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