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How California Should Fight Poverty: Add Housing Stock

Three new studies commissioned by Next 10 a San Francisco think tank that focuses on quality of life in California make a powerful case that extreme housing costs threaten to make much of the state like Malibu and Santa Barbara, where only the wealthy can afford to live and most of the workers who support them have long commutes from cheaper inland areas. [...]

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Middle Class Housing Crisis

Debate about California’s housing crisis typically revolves around low-income households. The rule of thumb is that people shouldn’t spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing. But more than 90 percent of California families earning less than $35,000 per year spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing. This isn’t new; [...]

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What Makes Cities Good for Building Wealth? Bankrate.com

Moving to the big city to make your fortune is one of the most well-worn paths in the American mythos. Yet, not all cities are created equally when it comes to getting ahead. Local job markets, cost of living, tax rates and many other city-specific factorswill undoubtedly influence your ability to be financially secure. Bankrate [...]

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Study: SD Worst City in America to Build Wealth

San Diego’s high home and rent prices compared to salaries leave residents unable to build equity, the study said.—John R. McCutchen The burden of the Sunshine Tax may be too heavy for the American Dream.San Diego is the worst city in the United States for building wealth, a study released Monday by Bankrate.com showed. The [...]

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San Diego Housing in 20 Years: Our City

What will our housing market look like in 20 years? by Mike Stetz - October 20, 2015 If you think San Diego’s housing market is strained and pricey now, what will it be like in 20 years? Yes, feel free to shudder. No one, of course, can accurately predict that far in advance. There are [...]

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Do Affordable Housing Mandates Break the Bank for Builders? Construction Dive 10.13.15

Since the 1930s, the U.S. government, through various programs and initiatives, has been trying to solve the problem of affordable housing —attempting to ensure everyone has a safe place to live without using all of their disposable income. No one ever arguesagainst that goal, butthe question of how to get there usually causes a good [...]

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Community Leaders Discuss Role of Building Regulations: Daily Transcript

Leaders in San Diego community organizations shared their opposing viewpoints about the role of regulations on new developments and their effect on urban communities, residents and businesses. “Regulations, Poverty and Urban Communities” was the topic of the August RISE Urban Breakfast Club, put on in partnership with the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, on Friday [...]

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Video: Housing Costs Impacts on San Diegans: Politically Speaking NBC7

Politically Speaking: The Affordability of Housing in San Diego County  By NBC 7's Gene Cubbison   A local economic study estimates 40 percent of construction costs in the county are due to regulations. To what extent could unwarranted red tape be cut? NBC 7's Gene Cubbison is joined by Matt Adams and Bruce Reznik [...]

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VOSD Podcast: Economist Hits High Cost of Permitting

One thing with fewer fans than regulatory red tape: San Diego’s high housing prices. Both come into play in a new study out from the Fermanian Business and Economic Institute at Point Loma Nazarene University, which found we can likely blame regulation for 40 percent of the cost of new housing. Chief economist Lynn Reaser [...]

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Time to Address the Harsh ‘Hidden Tax’ on Housing

A new report by Point Loma Nazarene University’s Fermanian Business & Economic Institute chronicles a regulatory culture that adds about 40 percent to the cost of new housing in San Diego County –what PLNU economist Lynn Reaser likened to a “hidden tax” on all residents. Some cities are better (San Marcos). Some are worse (Carlsbad). [...]

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