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‘Housing You Matters” aims to mediate growth debate

A new coalition of builders, employers, environmentalists and community planners has launched a campaign to solve San Diego’s affordable-housing problem once and for all. Called “Housing You Matters,” the organization has raised tens of thousands of dollars to hire a staff and map out an ambitious agenda for 2017. “I would say it’s the year of reckoning,” said Borre Winckel, president and CEO of the Building Industry Association of San Diego County. “We can’t go on like this anymore.” The most recent evidence demonstrates the crisis that some observers believe San Diego is experiencing.

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San Diego Housing Crisis Forges New ‘YIMBY’ Alliance

San Diego's housing crisis can be measured in many different ways: rising rents and home prices, low vacancy rates or the soaring number of people living on the streets. Few dispute that the reason behind the crisis is a restricted housing supply. Production of new housing hasn't come close to keeping up with the region's growing population.

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San Diego’s Housing Crisis Squeezing The Middle Class

Homeowners in San Diego County may not feel it, but a housing crisis is underway in the region, and the middle class is especially hard squeezed. Longtime Escondido resident Guy Chandler faced a situation that may be all too familiar to many San Diego families. He described what happened at a recent San Diego County Board of Supervisors' meeting. “Probably the worst day of my life was in June 2015,” Chandler said. “My daughter, Jenelle, 37 years old, came to me and told me, 'Dad, sit down. There's something you’re not going to like. We have to move out of San Diego County.'”

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Uptown Owners: Trade Height for a Public Plaza

Uptown, where a new community plan is in the works, should carve out 11.6 acres in its Hillcrest core for special treatment, says a coalition of 14 property owners. They want to build residential towers as tall as 25 stories in exchange for creating a new central gathering space at Sixth Avenueand Robinson Street. “We [...]

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North Park – Higher Density, Better Design – Union Tribune, August 2016

HIGHER DENSITY, SMARTER DESIGN New North Park community plan promises more density, but better design that is concentrated in three main transportation corridors BY ROGER SHOWLEY North Park, one of San Diego’s earliest suburbs for the city’s burgeoning population a century ago, is the epicenter of another development trend: infill. With most “greenfield” development sites [...]

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Homeownership Rate in the U.S. Drops to Lowest Since 1965 – Bloomberg

The U.S. homeownership rate fell to the lowest in more than 50 years as rising prices put buying out of reach for many renters. The share of Americans who own their homes was 62.9 percent in the second quarter, the lowest since 1965, according to a Census Bureau report Thursday. It was the second straight [...]

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How to Solve California’s Housing Shortage? Build ‘Granny Flats’ in Homeowners’ Backyards

To help ease California’s housing crisis, Gov. Jerry Brown and state lawmakers are turning to people’s backyards. Multiple bills with the endorsement of Brown are moving through the Legislature to make it easier for homeowners to build small units on their properties, whether in their garages, as additions to existing homes or as new, freestanding [...]

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Bay Area Council – By Right Toolkit

GOAL: BUILD EDUCATION AND AWARENESS IN SUPPORT OF GOVERNOR JERRY BROWN’S “BY-RIGHT” HOUSING PROPOSAL During the legislative recess, the Right to Build Coalition will lead a robust education and awareness campaign in support of Governor Jerry Brown’s landmark reform proposal – “By-Right" Housing Proposal (also known as the Streamlining Affordable Housing Approvals 2016-17 Budget Trailer [...]

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Solving Two Problems: Converting Unused Office Space to Residential

With more than 16 million Americans today residing within two miles (3.2 km) of their city hall, the recent revival of downtown living may be most obvious in the form of newly built luxury residential high rises appearing in so many cities. A less-noticed dimension of the downtown housing story over the past several years [...]

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Developer Covers New Homes in Metal, Fiberglass – San Diego UT

If you’re going to pay the increasingly high price for a San Diego home, at least get one that isn’t going to break the bank in maintenance. That’s the theory of Lee Schwartz, a developer in the middle of building three nearly identical 1,800-square-foot homes at G and 31st streets just south of Golden Hill. [...]

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